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Electronic Lithographs

This NASA educational lithograph set includes instructional materials and 13 pictures of Earth taken from aboard the Space Shuttle as part of the Sally Ride EarthKAM program. This incredible resource will enhance studies of science, mathematics, technology, and geography.

Some of our lithographs contain questions. You will find the answers if you click the "show answers" button next to the link to the lithograph itself.

2002 Lithos

  • EarthKAM Guide (pdf)
  • EarthKAM Photography (pdf)
  • Andalusia, Spain (pdf) - show answers
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina (pdf) - show answers
  • Cloud Patterns (pdf) - show answers
  • Colorado River (pdf) - show answers
  • Creative Agriculture in Response to Limited Water (pdf) - show answers
  • Earth Features Seen From Space (pdf)
  • Forest Fires in Sumatra (pdf)
  • Ganges River Deltav (pdf) - show answers
  • Gazankulu Homeland, South Africa (pdf) - show answers
  • Nile River Delta (pdf) - show answers
  • Northeast Coast of Australia (pdf) - show answers
  • Rio Sadado, Argentina (pdf) - show answers
  • San Jose, California (pdf) - show answers
  • Tibetan Plateau (pdf) - show answers

Lithos From Previous Printings

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