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National Math Education Standards

While Sally Ride EarthKAM is not a mathematics program, it can still be used to address numerous mathematics standards. Below is a list of the standards met by the Sally Ride EarthKAM program:

Mathematics as Problem Solving

Standard 1: Sally Ride EarthKAM includes experiences with problem solving as a method of inquiry and application so that students can:
  • formulate problems from situations within and outside mathematics;
  • develop and apply a variety of strategies to solve problems, with emphasis on multistep and non-routine problems;
  • verify and interpret results with respect to the original problem situation;
  • generalize solutions and strategies to new problem situations;
  • acquire confidence in using mathematics meaningfully.

Mathematics as Reasoning

Standard 3: In Sally Ride EarthKAM, reasoning is part of the curriculum so students can:
  • recognize and apply deductive and inductive reasoning;
  • understand and apply reasoning processes, with special attention to spatial reasoning and reasoning with proportions and graphs.

Mathematical Connections

Standard 4: Sally Ride EarthKAM includes the investigation of mathematical connections so that students can:
  • apply mathematical thinking and modeling to solve problems that arise in other disciplines, such as art, music, psychology, science and business;
  • value the role of mathematics in our culture and society.

Computation and Estimation

Standard 7: Sally Ride EarthKAM includes opportunities for the development of the concepts underlying computation and estimation in various contexts so that students can:
  • use computation, estimation and proportions to solve problems;
  • use estimation to check the reasonableness of results.

Patterns and Functions

Standard 8: Sally Ride EarthKAM includes explorations of patterns and functions so that students can:
  • describe, extend, analyze and create a wide variety of patterns;
  • use patterns and functions to represent and solve problems.


Standard 12: Sally Ride EarthKAM can include the study of the geometry of one, two and three dimensions in a variety of situations so that students can:
  • visualize and represent geometric figures with special attention to developing spatial sense;
  • explore transformations of geometric figures;
  • develop an appreciation of geometry as a means of describing the physical world.


Standard 13: Sally Ride EarthKAM includes extensive concrete experiences using measurement so students can:
  • extend their understanding of the process of measurement;
  • estimate, make and use measurements to describe and compare phenomena;
  • select appropriate units and tools to measure the degree of accuracy required in a particular situation;
  • understand the structure and use of systems of measurement;
  • extend their understanding of the concepts of perimeter, area, volume and angle measure.

Standards for Teachers

Sally Ride EarthKAM supports many of the National Science Education Teaching Standards.
National Science Education Teaching Standards

Standards for Students

The Sally Ride EarthKAM program satisfies national educational standards in many academic disciplines:
National Science Education Standards
National Geography Education Standards