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Register For Sally Ride EarthKAM

Hundreds of thousands of educators and students have participated in Sally Ride EarthKAM around the world since 1995. Register today so you can sign up for the next mission and start taking photos from the International Space Station! However, once you are registered, you will need to sign up for every mission in which you wish to participate.
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The next ISS EarthKAM mission has not yet been scheduled. After your registration is approved, stay tuned for updates on the next mission.

Already Registered with ISS EarthKAM?

If you would like to sign up for an ISS EarthKAM mission, log in with your Teacher Account on the homepage.


Benefits of Registering

  • Registering for Sally Ride EarthKAM is FREE
  • Members can request images from space
  • Learn about the challenges, excitement, and responsibilities of participating in space missions
  • Sally Ride EarthKAM supports many of the National Science Education Teaching Standards


  • You must be part of a school or educational institution
  • All schools that participate in an Sally Ride EarthKAM mission are required to submit an online evaluation to NASA before they participate the following academic year.
  • After the second year of participation, schools are additionally required to submit samples of student work.
  • NOTE: If you have a whitelist spam filter, please add
    to your mailing list or you will be unable to receive mission announcement updates.
  • Additional Questions? Contact EK-Help