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Sally Ride EarthKAM Sponsors

Sally Ride EarthKAM owes its gratitude to the following generous sponsors, who have made this project possible. Thanks to their donations, Sally Ride EarthKAM has been able to provide over 40,000 Earth images to students worldwide.

Thanks to our current Sally Ride EarthKAM sponsors

Analytical Graphics Analytical Graphics, Inc. provided Satellite Tool Kit software.

Past Sally Ride EarthKAM Sponsors

3Com 3Com provided our ATM and Switched Ethernet Network.
Aerospace Corporation The Aerospace Corporation provided SunSOAP software for orbit propagation.
AMX Corporation AMX Corporation provided programmable remote control devices for audio visual equipment.
Apple Computers Apple Computer, Inc. provided PowerMacintosh computers, monitors, and keyboards.
ARC Science Simulations ARC Science Simulations provided the geographic search map for the datasystem.
ATT AT&T provided cash contributions (scholarships) and a T-1 Connection (UCSD-JSC).
Autodesk Autodesk, Inc. provided Autodesk Explorer, AutoCAD, and 3D Studio software.
Blue Lake Products Blue Lake Products donated a Vacomega vacuum cleaner.
CISCO Cisco Systems, Inc. provided the 4000 Router.
Curtis Management Curtis Management Company provided carpeting.
Digital Equipment Corporation Digital Equipment Corporation provided computer systems.
Eastern Acoustic Works Eastern Acoustic Works provided sound systems.
ER mapper ER Mapper provided software.
Evans Associates Evans Associates provided consoles for the MOC area.
Extron Extron provided audio visual equipment, matrix switchers, and RGB converters.
Hughes Communications Hughes Communications, Inc. provided console equipment.
IBM IBM provided computer systems and DB2 database software.
Intel Intel Corporation provided computers and operating system software.
Lundeen & Associates Lundeen & Associates provided WebCrossing interactive software.
MCI MCI Telecommunications Corporation provided a T-1 connection.
Microsoft Microsoft provided OS and development software.
Mitre Corporation Mitre Corporation provided software and support.
NEC NEC provided protection systems and video monitors.
Oracle Oracle donated database and application suites.
Panasonic Panasonic Corporation provided laser disc systems.
Paoletti Paoletti Associates helped with the design of an audio visual system.
Rane Rane provided Audio Mixer (SM82) and Program Mixer (FPM44).
RB, Linda Smith RB & Linda Smith made cash contributions.
Rockwell International Corporation Rockwell International Corporation provided voice loop hardware.
SDRC SDRC provided the I-DEAS software used to design the camera bracket for the International Space Station.
San Diego Supercomputer Center SDSC provided support for the Sally Ride EarthKAM datasystem.
Slick Edit Visual Slickedit, Inc. donated SlickEdit software.
Steelcase Steelcase provided discounts on office and conference room furnishings.
Sun Microsystems Sun Microsystems, Inc. provided computer systems.
Trip Systems International Trip Systems International provided database software.
Zero Stantron Corporation ZERO Stantron provided audio visual equipment and cabinets.
Veritas Veritas provided software backup systems.